22 de abril de 2011

It can be late.

I know i’m far from perfect and maybe that’s the problem. I’m no longer what you need in life but I still need you. You hurt me over and over again, I want to hate you so much because I know I don’t deserve to be hurt, but I can’t help it. I always forgive you and apologise for the horrible things I say, even if it’s you in the wrong. I hate that I love you, It’s probably the worst thing to feel atm. I still got my friend’s and family all by my side, but they’ll be there for life, whereas I no longer have you. You’re free to the world, free to anyone who wants you and it kill’s me inside to know that I can’t hold you and smile knowing you’re mine. I can no longer wake up in the morning and feel like I’ve got someone to get up for. I have no-one to talk into the early hours to about the most randomest thing’s ever. I have no one to protect or care for me like you did. I have no one to tell me they love me and to make me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I feel empty inside without you. I feel lost, like there is no one to guide me on the right paths any more. I don’t even feel like myself since you left me. I can put on a brave face and act like none of this is bothering me, I can act like all the stories people are telling me aren’t going to make me cry when I go home, I can act like you mean nothing to me, but the moment I get into my bed and I’m all alone, I break down crying. I cry because of all the mistakes i’ve made, those mistakes I wish I never made. The consequences of those mistakes are you leaving me. I would do anything to get you back, because I’ve made you my entire life and I’m not ready to un-do you from my life, I don’t want to neither. You’re the best person that’s ever come into my life, no matter what anyone else thinks of you, it will never change my opinion of you. If I could I’d give you the world, I’d give you anything and everything you ever wanted. I know I need to change, I’m sorry for everything I’ve done, I know “sorry” isn’t much but it’s all i’ve got right now. I love you

2 comentarios:

July, Clau y Amaya. dijo...

Hola! :) Somos tres amigas y una de ellas muy bailarina, desde siempre yo creo (yo hahaha).
De dónde eres? Bailas en algún equipo?
Nosotras somos del norte, Navarra, o sea que nos veremos en alguna competición no?
Un besazo!
Te seguimos :)

Chlöe St.Claire dijo...

Yo tambien soy del norte, de Euskadi :P Estoy en una escuela de danza y vosotras? Que estilo bailais? Muchas gracias por el coment y yo tambien os sigo! :)